T e r i  D o n o v a n


Generally speaking, we come into this world as the absolute centre of our own existence and often as a central focus in the lives of those around us. We expect things to remain more or less the same, but soon we become aware of subtle changes. Almost imperceptibly, we begin to fade from centre stage and gradually take up residence slightly off to one side. The process continues inevitably until we are no longer on the stage at all, but are relegated to the backdrop of the main action and finally to a position of past tense. In this sense we are literally and figuratively transformed into context.

As context we are like wallpaper playing a background role to personal, political, social, and cultural arenas.

In this body of work, the metaphorical use of wallpaper as context and sign addresses subjectivity, identity, memory, time, fear, and desire as they play out in family history. The images address a tenacious desire for life that guarantees the past’s role in the present as well as the future, and preview how the present secures its own place as it moves towards its inevitable fate.

Avocado Dreams, Mixed media on wood panel, 48 x 36”

Mirror, Mirror, Mixed media on wood panel, 48 x 36”

Wallpaper I, Mixed media on wood panels, 12 x 12” each

Blink, Mixed media on Mylar on wood panel, 40 x 32”

And So It Goes..., Mixed media on wood panel, 48 x 36”

Plus ca change, Mixed media on wood panel, 40 x 32”

Unbeknownst, Mixed media on wood panel, 48 x 60”