T e r i  D o n o v a n


Legacies explores the art of Alexandra Luke and Isabel McLaughlin through mixed media paintings that explore historical and cultural imagery relative to their lives and works. The exhibitiion at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa also includes photographs and a video installation by Gwen MacGregor

"The exhibition focuses on the manner in which two mid twentieth-century women artists have affected, through their art and philanthropy, not only regional cultural landscape, but indeed are able to inspire and feed into current disourse on artmaking, gender issues and many aspects of the supportive structures ofcultural insltutions." Margaret Rodgers, curator

Push Pull 1,  2016-17, Mixed media on Mylar, 70 x 84”

Push Pull 2,  2016-17, Mixed media on Mylar, 70 x 84”

Friend of the Arts,  2016-17, Mixed media on Mylar, 84 x 74.5”

Designing Nature,  2016-17, Oil on Mylar, 80 x 72”