T e r i  D o n o v a n


A multiplicity of selves, a fractured rather than a unified identity is not new for women. It's an old reality that maintains a tenacious grip on female subjectivity, and counteracts efforts to sweep it away.

These works look at this idea through images of conflicting and contradictory drives and expectations that contribute to a fragmented and paradoxical femininity. By juxtaposing clashing gender roles, the works question persistent cultural constructions that continue to influence female agency. These representations express confusions and ambivalences and raise questions about the extent to which these disparate femininities are imposed and/or chosen.

Using the red skirt as a metaphor for women's identity, the works identify the fusion of beauty, fantasy and fashion with female subjectivity and link the present to a not so distant past when women were commonly referred to as "skirts". As much as one might wish otherwise, contemporary media images clearly demonstrate that this fusion continues to hold considerable sway.

These works aim to underscore the disjointed nature of identity and point to challenges still faced in the symbolization of female subjectivity. Old habits continue to nag, like resistant dust, at the corners of consciousness reminding us that feminism's job is far from over.

Angel Baby, Mixed media on Mylar, 24 x 18”

Lie Still, Mixed media on Mylar,24 x 18”

Oh So Pretty, Mixed media on Mylar, 24 x 18”

My Pleasure, Mixed media on Mylar, 24 x 18”

I Feel Pretty, Mixed media on Mylar, 40 x 32

Dreams Can Come True, Mixed media on Mylar, 40 x 32”

Some Day My Prince Will Come, Mixed media on Mylar,

24 x 18”

Tango, Mixed media on Mylar, 24 x 18”

Real Woman, Mixed media on Mylar, 24 x 18”

Every Which Way, Mixed media on Mylar, 40 x 32"